The beggar and the rich man

مرد فقیر به خانۀ مرد ثروتمندی رفت و تکه ای نان خواست.

A poor man went to the house of a rich man and asked for a piece of bread.

A beggar went to the palace where rich man lived there and asked for a piece of bread.


مرد ثروتمند گفت که ما نان در خانه نداریم.

The rich man said, “We don’t have bread in the house.”

The wealthy man told him we don’t have bread in our house.


لطفاً کمی از غذای دیشب به من بدهید.

– Please give me a little of a last night’s food

Then beggar asked the rest of last night’s dinner.


هیچی باقی نمانده است. ما همۀ آن را خوردیم.

– “There is nothing left. We ate it all.”

But the rich man answered that nothing remains from last night. He added they ate all of their dinner.


حداقل کمی آب بده تا بنوشم

– At least give me some water to drink.

At least give me a glass of water to drink.


آب تمام شده است.

The water is finished

unfortunately the water is finished.



یک پنی به من بده تا نان بخرم

Will you give me a penny to buy bread?

would you please give me money to buy bread.


هیچ پولی هم ندارم.

“I haven’t any money now.”

The owner of that palace told him he doesn’t have any money.


آخرش مرد فقیر گفت خوب اگر تو چیزی در خانه نداری تو می توانی با من بیایی و ما با هم گدایی کنیم.

At last the poor man said, “Well, as you have nothing in the house, you can come and we will beg together.”

finally the poor guy said, “well, if you don’t have something in your house, I recommend you come with me and we will beg with each other.”



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